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Airshow Vendors

If you wish to become a food vendor for the airshow please submit the Vendor Submittal to Peter.Lopiccolo@BroomeCounty.US.

Vendor FAQ

Will vendors that do not sell food be able to join the airshow?
No, only food vendors will be available.

What kind of rules and restrictions will vendors have to follow?
More information will be provided during the submission process. Basic food safety, fire code, and any other NYS rules for outdoor events will be followed.

How many people will be attending the show?
We estimate about 4 people per car, with 2,000 car spaces available. There we are looking at 8,000 minimum per day of the airshow.

How does COVID-19 affect Airshow Vendors?
Vendors must comply with all CDC, NYS Health Department, and Broome County Health Department rules and guidelines. This means (but not limited to) masks for all employees, sanitation stations, and line spacing. Each application must have a plan the vendor will implement to meet these requirements and guidelines.

When are submissions due?
Submissions are due May 20th.

When will I know that I will be a vendor in the show?
Pending approval of your application, we will let you know within two weeks of the final submission date at the latest. 

Who can I contact with questions?
Peter LoPiccolo at Peter.Lopiccolo@BroomeCounty.US